LAEFF (Laboratory for Space Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics) was founded in 1991 as a collaboration between INTA, CSIC and ESA, and was located at VILSPA, now ESAC (the ESA European Space Astronomy Centre) to allow for closer interaction with the ESA astronomical activities (IUE, ISO, XMM, INTEGRAL, Herschel, Planck,...). In January 2010 LAEFF was integrated in the structure of the Centro de Astrobiología, a Joint Centre between CSIC and INTA with the support of the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (CAM), becoming its researchers part of the new CAB Department of Astrophysics. CAB ESAC is now located at the new D building of ESAC, inaugurated in July 2012. 


Research at CAB ESAC is carried out in different areas of astrophysics, as astroparticle physics, interstellar medium, brown dwarfs and solar, stellar and extragalactic physics. CAB ESAC researchers participate in the development, operation and exploitation of different space projects such as OMC-INTEGRAL, Herschel, Bepi Colombo MIXS, PLATO,... CAB ESAC is also involved in the development and maintenance of Astronomical Data Archives of space missions (INES, OMC, CoRot) and ground-based telescopes (GTC, CAHA) in the framework of the Virtual Observatory project.